Vampire Survivors Adventures Patch Launches This Week

Last month, Vampire Survivors developer poncle announced that it would be bringing a new mode to the mega-popular game. Unlike many of the big content drops that have hit Vampire Survivors this year, the new Adventures Mode is a free addition. While poncle is absolutely still working on extra content backs, Adventures, much like co-op is going to be too core to the experience to be something the developers don't give to everyone. Today, the team has finally revealed when Adventures Mode is coming to Vampire Survivor, and it's coming much sooner than you might think.

Somewhat surprisingly considering what else is launching that day, Adventures Mode is coming to Vampire Survivors on December 6 on PC and Xbox. Adventures isn't going to be quite ready for Nintendo Switch and mobile by then, but it'll eventually launch across the board. It's a bold choice from poncle to drop the new game mode on the same day that Rockstar will finally drop the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, but if anyone can pull it off, it's Vampire Survivors.

What is Adventures Mode in Vampire Survivors?
In its description, poncle says Adventures Mode is a "self-contained miniature story mode that reset and remix the game's content, following the Survivors cast on a series of wacky sidequests." Each new quest you hop into has its own progression path, meaning you'll "start from scratch" and won't have access to any of the upgrades you've earned during the course of the main game. You'll have a limited set of gear that you need to use to overcome the various challenges present in each Adventure. Once you've beaten any of the side quests, you'll be able to "Ascend" it, giving your character a passive boost for that specific Adventure to make it easier the next time you jump in. By doing this, you'll be able to quickly rack up rewards.

At launch, there will be two base Adventures that everyone has access to out of the gate. However, everyone who owns The Legacy of the Moonspell DLC will get access to an extra Adventure. From there, players will get access to new Adventures each time a new patch or DLC drops. Of course, we don't know when the next patch or DLC is coming, but the developers usually don't go very long between updates, so you can probably expect to see the next one pop up relatively soon in 2024.

Vampire Survivors is available now on Xbox, Switch, mobile, and PC platforms. The Adventures Mode drops on December 6 for PC and Xbox, and it will eventually come to Switch and mobile.

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Runts Man people must really love this goofy game

its a really fun game. you should try it

happy days, been waiting for the patch :lipbite:


Man people must really love this goofy game