Halo Season 2 Gets First Trailer and Release Date

At CCXP, Paramount revealed the first trailer for Halo Season 2. When the new season starts with the first two episodes releasing on February 8th, it will see the return of Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, as well as several new cast members, including Joseph Morgan as James Ackerson and Cristina Rodlo as Talia Perez. The new footage doesn't offer too much information about the new season's narrative, instead focusing on the action. Master Chief gets to cut loose in a major way, and the new footage should help to get Halo fans excited when Season 2 debuts on Paramount+.

Appealing to Xbox Fans
Upon its release in March 2022, reception to the first season of Halo was mostly mixed. Fans familiar with the Xbox series had a number of complaints with the adaptation, mostly with how the show strayed from the games that inspired it. It's not unusual for video game adaptations to take certain liberties with the source material; the Resident Evil movie series in particular was significantly different from Capcom's games. Prior to the show's release, the showrunners established that the series takes place in its own separate continuity, and none of the changes will have any impact on the continuity of the video games. Regardless, many fans felt that the changes the show made were for the worse, including the fact that Master Chief was so often seen without his helmet.

It remains to be seen whether Halo Season 2 will be able to win over those that weren't happy with the show's first season. Since its debut in 2001, Halo has been one of the biggest franchises in gaming. Halo: Combat Evolved is the game that helped drive sales of the original Xbox, and the series continues to be one of the biggest for Microsoft. If Season 2 can build on the elements that worked in the show while also improving on the overall faithfulness to the games, perception could end up turning around.

Catching up on Halo Season 1
For those that haven't seen the first season of Halo yet, Paramount has offered fans the perfect opportunity to catch up on the series. While the first season was previously exclusive to Paramount+, all 9 episodes were officially uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, and are now free to watch. The move could win over some new fans, and potentially get them to subscribe to the streaming service ahead of Halo Season 2 next year. As of this writing, the YouTube videos already have a substantial number of views; it remains to be seen whether any of those viewers will actually subscribe to the service for Season 2, but it could help to grow the audience.

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geez, I haven't watched the first season yet

gonna wait until S2 gets released, then I will binge watch S1 and S2 :lipbite:


They really sort of revived this game fr