PlayStation Patent Points to Potential Future DualSense Improvements

Sony has traditionally always liked to innovate and experiment with its controllers, and it’s done plenty of that over the course of the PS5’s lifecycle as well, with the DualSense, the DualSense Edge, and the PlayStation Access Controller. And if a new patent is anything to go by, the company might be working on further future improvements on that front.

As spotted by Game Rant, Sony recently filed a new patent for a controller boasting additional accessibility features. The patent describes a controller that will use machine learning to study players’ in-game performance to be able to determine when they’re stuck on a part, following which it will dynamically light up specific buttons on to draw players’ attention and offer guidance.

Additionally, the controller described in the patent will also replace its touchpad with a touch screen display that will flash specific input instructions to help players progress further in the game. In addition to the face buttons, the controller will also be able to light up the shoulder buttons and triggers and both analog sticks.

Of course, a company filing a patent can often be a case of it simply protecting its ideas and technology, which means we might not necessarily Sony introducing these features in a controller in the near future. It does, however, show that improvements along these lines are something Sony at least has in mind as potential future ideas.

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glad they're still thinking of improvements for the controller


Minus the shape of the psn controller I love everything about it