Baldur's Gate 3 Epilogue Letter May Hint At Larian's Next Project

Baldur’s Gate 3’s newly added epilogue sequence contains a letter some fans have speculated to reference the Dark Sun Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting.

This letter is found in the chapel area that Withers strolls around in while everyone else is partying. It’s certainly cryptic, but the words ‘Dark Sun’ have everyone’s imaginations racing. The text is as follows.

“A missive in Withers’ hand, addressed to some unknown entity. Though you understand the alphabet, the script, and the words themselves, the meaning eludes you. You glean only the impression of a dark sun in white sky, and an offer. Perhaps a warning?”

Two theories are circulating. The first is that Larian intends to create a game based on the Dark Sun campaign, an alternate Dungeons & Dragons universe set on a post-apocalyptic desert world.

It would be a bold choice as there hasn’t been a Dark Sun video game since Strategic Simulation’s adaptations in the mid-90s. It’s also a less popular and recognisable setting than the Forgotten Realms. Larian did tease Baldur’s Gate 3 at Divinity: Original Sin 2’s conclusion, so it wouldn’t be without precedent.

The other theory and what seems the more likely outcome is that this references Cyric, the Faerunian god of lies, trickery and strife. The Dark Sun is one of Cyric’s titles, and a significant symbol in his church.

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always hate it when articles say "may hint"

stop with the bullshit ffs


Hopefully they do a couple dlc for it though before the next project(s)