Pacific Drive motors toward release in February

Survival driving game Pacific Drive will be coming out for PS5 and PC on 22nd February 2024, it’s been announced by developer Ironwood Studios and publisher Kepler Interactive. Check out the new trailer.

Trapped within the Olympic Exclusion Zone somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, your simple goal is to fix up your car and avoid anomalies as you try to escape this abandoned research site. All you have is your beaten up old wood-paneled station wagon and some scrap metal to start, but as you explore further afield you’ll scavenge resources, repair and upgrade your car to survive what awaits you outside.

Will you look to peel back the Exclusion Zone’s mysteries? Well, there’s just a couple months left before you can do so.

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this does look interesting to play

driving around, upgrading the car to survive the next encounter :lipbite:


Not many games I'm looking forward to for next year fr