Fortnite Adds Solid Snake, Had Over 100 Million Players in November

Fortnite brought its Chapter 4 to a close with its recent Big Bang event, which, of course, means the advent of a new chapter, and plenty of new content for players to check out. Chapter 5: Season 1 – Underground has gone live for the battle royale shooter, and while the entirely new map it brings is among the bigger highlights, it’s not the only one.

As Fortnite loves to do, the game has also added new crossover characters from popular IP. One of them is Metal Gear’s Solid Snake, while curiously enough, Family Guy’s Peter Griffin (or a significantly more buff and muscular version of him) has arrived as well. Both characters, who were previously leaked, also go hand-in-hand with special cosmetics themed around their respective properties.

Meanwhile, Epic Games has also announced on Twitter that Fortnite saw over 100 million players in November alone, which is a record for the game. Of course, the launch of Fortnite OG contributed to this significantly, having attracted a staggering 44.7 million players in a single day. In spite of Fortnite’s success, however, Epic Games announced earlier this year that it had laid off roughly 16% of its total workforce.

Recently, Epic Games also announced three new games that will be released within Fortnite in the coming days- LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival.

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so, they got it because of Solid Snake, eh? :wink:


It's a really dope collab cool they did it finally knew they would eventually.