Valve: More than 42% of Steam users run Windows 11

Valve has published the results of its November 2023 Survey, where the company asked Steam users to share information about the software and hardware they use to access the platform and play PC games. The latest data revealed a massive increase in Windows 11 users.

According to Valve, 96.56% of all Steam users play games on Windows computers. 53.53% of them run the good old Windows 10. However, the latter appears to be bleeding customers at an alarming rate. The November 2023 Survey results showed Windows 10 losing as much as 12.05 points in just one month.

Windows 11, on the other hand, significantly increased its market share. 42.04% (+11.51) of Windows users on Steam have already upgraded to Windows 11. Now, the difference between Windows 10 and 11 on Steam is only 11 points.

December 2023 will be the final month we see Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 in Valve's reports. The company will cut off access to the platform on January 1, 2024. Although more than 99% of Steam customers use a supported Windows version, there are still people playing games on systems with Windows 7 and 8. 64-bit Windows 7 has 0.69% (-0.38), 64-bit Windows 8.1 has 0.16 (+0.03), and 32-bit Windows 7 has 0.06% (+0.06).

Windows 10: 53.53% (-12.05)
Windows 11: 42.04% (+11.51)
Windows 7 64-bit: 0.69% (-0.38)
Windows 8.1 64-bit: 0.16% (+0.03)
Windows 7 32-bit: 0.06% (+0.06)

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glad they've got a big percentage

I wonder what percentage will be when Win 12 comes out? :thonk:


Yupp I have upgraded a bit ago and it's amazing I love it.