Modern Warfare 3 Removes Controversial Groot Skin

The infamous "Groot" skin in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been temporarily removed from the game. Call of Duty players will always find a way to try and gain an advantage. Players are always trying to find the best guns, gear, and tactics in order to perform the best. For the last few years, skins have been a big part of Call of Duty. While they're intended to be purely cosmetic, fans have realized some of these skins can give an advantage to them. Some skins are too dark and therefore blend in with the environment, resulting in them being able to avoid being detected by enemies.

The latest example of this is the Gaia skin that came out in October and can be unlocked via the battle pass. The skin is essentially a tree, so players have nicknamed it Groot after the Guardians of the Galaxy character. Since Gaia is made of sticks and such, there are gaps that allow you to see directly through them and the overall color of their look helps them blend into the environment, especially in maps like Estate which is filled with foliage and trees. People have been deeming the skin as a pay to win skin, meaning if you spend money, you automatically gain an advantage. After plenty of backlash, the skin is finally being addressed. Sledgehammer Games has confirmed it is temporarily removing the Gaia skin from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for the time being until the team can figure out how to fix the visibility issues. As of right now, we unfortunately have no ETA on when the skin will return to the game.

"Adjustments to improve the visibility of the Gaia Operator Skins are underway. Until these changes can be released to all players, these items will be unavailable to equip in MWIII."

It is a bit of a shame that players can't use a skin that they paid for in Modern Warfare 3. It was always expected that the skin would be fixed, but it was hoped that the skin would be usable until a fix was implemented. Clearly the skin was creating too many problems, however, and Sledgehammer was keen to make sure it could all be fixed.

Modern Warfare 3 Season One
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 season one begins on December 6th and will bring in a ton of new content. We're getting new maps, playlists, gameplay changes, and much more. It's looking like the biggest start to a Call of Duty post-launch campaign to date as Sledgehammer is making changes fans want to make.

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I wish they brought back the original MW2, that or Black Ops 2.


it certainly has been going downhill

and they are trying to add shit fr LMAO


once I saw the skin i immediately thought of Guardians of the Galaxy


Oh wow ! Took long enough and it also didn't even get pulled when it had game breaking bugs ! Lol wonder if people will even get refunds for it !


Call of duty has become a kids game for real, lol.