Payday 3 Legacy Heists Are Now Live, New Trailer Released

Starbreeze Studios’ first free content update for Payday 3 is live and adds two Legacy Heists from Payday 2. Turbid Station (aka Murky Station) and Cook Off have been remade with new features to accommodate the sequel. Check out the latest trailer to see how they play.

Turbid Station is a stealth-only heist (with the option to sneak under the train carts), while Cook Off is loud-only. The latter allows for 19 bags at maximum, and there’s a bit more management required when cooking. Other additions include first-person animations, the Transporter Skill Line.

This also marks the first rewards exclusive to those who hit the Infamy cap. These end-game Renown Levels will award consumable items for each level, though the team hopes to expand on this later. You also get Infamy Points for each heist, Lobby Chat is available on PC, and much more.

Payday 3 is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.

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hope it goes well for them fr


I don't see how people can play this game for more than like one hour lol


What about the Diamond Heist? That was my favorite from the original PAYDAY.