Tribes 3: Rivals Gets New Video Showcasing 7 Minutes of Gameplay

A new video showcasing the official gameplay for upcoming multiplayer shooter Tribes 3: Rivals is out now. The video, which you can check out below, features gameplay from an alpha build of the game.

The video, featuring more than 7 minutes of gameplay, showcases some of the things iconic to the Tribes franchise, including the Disc Launcher weapon, as well as the game’s primary mode of movement which revolves around making use of gravity and slopes to attain high speeds.

Tribes 3: Rivals is a follow-up to Tribes: Ascend, which was developed by Hi-Rez Studios back in 2012. The game is a revival of the classic Tribes franchise—a series of multiplayer shooters with an emphasis on team-based objectives, high-speed movement, and plenty of different traversal options and weapons throughout its classes.

The new Tribes title is being developed by Prophecy Games—a studio originally set up as a separate team in Hi-Rez that eventually ended up separating from the company. Details on Tribes 3: Rivals are sparse, but we do know that the game is slated for release on PC.

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oh goody

you can fly in this one


This looks like some halo copy cat stuff