Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Adding New Difficulty Level

In a change from Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have a new difficulty level to choose from at the start of the game. Easy and Normal options will remain, but players will now be able to choose a new Dynamic difficulty level, which will automatically adjust based on the player's skill level. Square Enix has teased that this mode will be "perfect for players who crave constant challenge." At this time, it's unclear if Dynamic difficulty will outright replace the Hard mode in the previous game, or if that will still be unlocked after beating the game, as it was in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The new Difficulty select screen can be found in the Tweet from Square Enix embedded below.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Difficulty and Combat Options
Following the Tweet from Square Enix, many fans noted their approval for the new difficulty option. Some said that they found Hard mode to be too difficult in Final Fantasy VII Remake, while Normal was too Easy. Until the game actually releases, it's impossible to know how well Dynamic mode will work in practice, but fans seem to be optimistic at the moment. Hopefully it will help players find the sweet spot that the previous game was missing!

Fans that played the previous game might notice that the Classic options for Easy and Normal mode are missing from the Difficulty select screen. Those options will still exist in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but will appear in a menu called "Combat Style." Instead of choosing "Easy (Classic)" or "Normal (Classic)" at the start of the game, players will be prompted to choose between the Active and Classic styles in a separate menu. The latter option automates "characters' basic actions."

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date and Platforms
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be available February 29th, 2024. Final Fantasy VII Remake debuted on PS4, but Rebirth will be an exclusive to PS5. That's bound to disappoint those that have yet to upgrade from the previous PlayStation console, but PS5 has now been on the market for three years; it makes sense to see developers starting to move away from continuing to support PS4.

While Final Fantasy VII Rebirth won't be coming to PS4, it's a safe bet that the game will land on PC at some point. The game is a timed exclusive on PS5, similar to Final Fantasy VII Remake. Once that timed exclusivity came to an end, the game was released on PC. Final Fantasy fans that don't have a PS5 will have to wait patiently over the next few months to find out any details about a potential PC version, but we should know more in 2024.

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geez, the games are hard enough for me as is :lipbite:


This was an article a while back too. I don't see the point in it but some like games to be harder I guess