Report: Capcom Has Yet to Announce a Major Game in 2023

According to a known insider, Capcom has yet to announce a major new game in 2023, which will be released in 2024. The report insists that the mystery game is neither a Resident Evil title nor has anything to go with Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Capcom previously hinted that it’ll release a major new game in 2024
Dusk Golem, known for their horror game leaks, claims that any reports of a new Resident Evil in 2024 are false but stopped short of denying speculations of new Monster Hunter and Devil May Cry games. Fans are expecting either of the two to be announced. Interestingly, Capcom did hint at releasing a major unannounced title in 2024. Announcing its earning results back in October, the publisher said that it wants to release the mystery game before March 2024 as part of its efforts to reach its sales targets.

Whatever the case, Dusk Golem is confident that an announcement is coming before the end of the year, with all eyes on The Game Awards 2023 in early December. The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley has said that he’s reluctant to provide a specific number of reveals planned for this year but did say that the show is going to be similar to TGA 2022.

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yeah, we need more new RE's fr

the other game titles are trash


Just to hear about another resident evil most likely lol