Soulframe’s First Early Test Starts in December for PC

After its announcement in 2022, Soulframe will have its first test on PC this December. Digital Extremes CEO Steven Sinclair clarified in the latest Devstream that this is a very early test, limited to a hundred people initially (which will grow over time).

It consists of a section of the main island with dungeons to play through and enemies to fight. Players can also experiment with some customization and progression. Sinclair also revealed that players could pet the giant wolf in-game (check it out in the tweet below), but whether this will be available in the test is currently unknown.

As for participants, it’s first-come, first-served, starting from those who received an Envoy title from registering on the official website. Soulframe doesn’t have a release date but will follow a development cycle much like Warframe, with Digital Extremes taking community feedback into account.

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I'm willing to give this a whirl fr


To many other games forgot about this one fr