Silent Hill 2 Remake Developer Tells Fans to Ask Konami About New Info

Bloober Team, the developer behind the upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2, has told fans that they'll need to ask Konami if they want to receive more information on the game. Over a year ago, Konami announced that it was remaking Silent Hill 2 with Bloober Team and would release the title on PlayStation 5 and PC in the future. Since this initial announcement, though, new details have come about, which has left fans both eager and a bit worried. Now, Bloober Team itself has released a new statement and has made clear that Konami is the one choosing to remain silent for the time being.

In a new message on social media, Bloober Team responded to one fan's inquiry about when new details associated with Silent Hill 2 might come to light. Bloober Team then made clear that the studio itself hasn't chosen to be quiet on the project and that Konami is the one that reserves the right to share new information with fans. "Konami is the publisher of the game and communication is definitely part of their job," said Bloober Team in its response. With this in mind, it seems apparent that Bloober Team would like to reveal more details but simply hasn't been able to do so just yet.

Currently, there's very little that we know about this remake of Silent Hill 2 overall. Outside of its first teaser trailer that was shown off, Konami still hasn't given fans a look at actual gameplay from SH2 just yet. Additionally, there is no broad release window for Silent Hill 2 just yet either. If we're lucky, though, it seems like more information might be arriving in the weeks and months ahead as we begin to get into 2024.

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yeah, they need to get their thumbs out from their asses and give us an update ffs


Doesn't even seem all that interesting and they keep pushing news on this game