Spider-Man 2 Only Used 10% of Recorded Venom Dialogue

Insomniac Games is said to have only used 10% of the dialogue that actor Tony Todd recorded for Venom in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. From the time it was first announced back in 2021, Venom was easily one of the aspects of Spider-Man 2 that fans were excited to see in action. Generally speaking, his involvement in the Marvel's Spider-Man sequel didn't disappoint most players as his arc was quite well told. Despite this, it seems like Insomniac previously looked to make Venom an even larger part of the game but opted to scale back for one reason or another.

During a panel at a recent comic book convention, Todd confirmed that much of the dialogue for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 was left on the cutting room floor. Todd didn't go on to provide many additional details about what this additional voicework was in association with, but it does suggest that Venom had a bigger role in the story at one point. Then again, much of this dialogue could have simply been minor speaking parts used for Venom during gameplay sequences.

This new information from Todd also raises questions about what Insomniac might look to do with Venom in the future. With so much dialogue having already been recorded, some fans have naturally started to wonder if more of Venom could be seen in upcoming DLC. Outside of this, those at Insomniac also haven't shot down the potential of seeing Venom appear in his own spin-off entry one day. For now, though, Insomniac and PlayStation haven't announced anything further with Spider-Man 2, although fans continue to cross their fingers and hope that new content will be unveiled soon.

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Source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/spider-man-2-game-ps5-venom-tony-todd-dialogue/


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understandable, don't see why they would've used all of it in the game fr


They really need to make a live action tv series using these stories ! Would be way better than the newer SM movies we got