Warframe is Getting Cross-Platform Saves, New Weapon Type in December

Developer Digital Extremes has showcased new gameplay from its next major update to Warframe. Dubbed Whispers in the Walls, the update will bring with it the next big Cinematic Quest to Warframe, along with a new enemy faction, and a new weapon class, among other things.

The studio has also announced that it will be bringing cross platform saves to Warframe alongside the update in December. The feature, set to be rolled out in phases, will allow Warframe players to be able to switch between different platforms to play on while at the same time being able to maintain their progression.

Aside from cross saves, one of the major features of the Whispers in the Walls update is the addition of the new Grimoire weapon type. Using the new weapon, players will be able to shoot out eldritch blasts from their Grimoires, with more power being available to players as they find new pages of the Grimoire throughout the new story in the update.

The melee heavy attack system is also seeing an update, with the Tennokai now being able to use random heavy attacks without having to consume the combo counter that is typically built up over the course of a fight. The feature requires players to have the Tennokai Segment installed into the Arsenal for this to work.

Capping things off is a new Warframe coming to the game. Dubbed Qorvex, the new frame is one of the Entrati’s Void projects, and makes use of radiation status ailments to take on enemies.

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happy days. love the cross platform saves feature on games


Cross platform saves is a big W for them.