Dark and Darker Update Adds More Rewards and 2 New Stats

Dark and Darker got its latest update just this week with Ironmace releasing the second major patch during the game's early access period. Given that this is a full patch itself and not just a hotfix, it's got some notable features for players to try out including new rewards from merchants to go after as well as two totally new attributes that'll help govern players' actions from here on. But because this is a major update, it also brings about a full wipe of players' gold, items, levels, and Triumph, Ironmace cautioned, so don't be surprised when you see those removed after updating.

Merchants are an area of Dark and Darker that's frequently addressed in updates like this one, and in this update, the merchants have been given two new systems: one for quests, and one for affinity. The two systems go hand-in-hand with players able to earn better rewards and build up relationships with merchants by completing quests.

"Merchants now give quests that can be completed to earn extra rewards and unlock access to better items, crafts, and deals," the patch notes for the update said.

Dark and Darker players who've been around for awhile now should be well acquainted with different stats like Strength, Will, and Knowledge, and now, players have two more to be mindful of: Vigor and Dexterity. The former governs how much max health a player has while the latter deals with how fast a player's actions are.

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need to start playing this fr

does look interesting and fun to play


Runts Looks like a cheaper old oblivion type game with the movements and attacks

Been playing it a ton while skilling on OSRS, Its more comparable to Escape from Tarkov mixed with For Honor with a little bit of Dark souls sprinkled in

It's a pretty fun game and with the most recent changes newer players actually have a chance to survive instead of getting ran down by fully kitted players


Looks like a cheaper old oblivion type game with the movements and attacks