Mass Effect Teaser May Hide New Alien Species

Mass Effect fans continue to pour over both N7 day teasers for the next Mass Effect game BioWare released earlier this month. To this end, the concept art -- the less exciting of the two teasers -- may hide a brand new alien species. If you look towards the back of the night club featured in the concept art, which requires lots of zooming, you can see a balcony with various characters standing on it overlooking the main floor of the night club. You can't make many details out on these figures, but one stands out as looking a little odd.

In the middle of all these character is a very tall character with an oddly narrow head, but a bigger framed body. Many were quick to write it off as a Salarian, but there are a few problems with it being a Salarian. For one, the build of the body looks a little stocky for a Salarian, nor do those look like Salarian shoulders. In fact, they look a bit more human in this regard. The head also doesn't look quite like a Salarian. It's a little elongated.

The thing is if it's not a Salarian, what else could it be other than some new alien species as it doesn't look like any other pre-existing alien species. Maybe it's Prothean, but that would presumably also require some narrative explanation All signs point to the game being set in the Milky Way galaxy, so it's unclear how that could be the case, but there are plenty of ways to introduce a new alien species even if the game is set in the Milky Way Galaxy. Of course, there's a possibility there weren't be any new alien species introduced, but this seems unlikely, and would be a big missed opportunity by BioWare if true.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think. Are we making too much of this or does that character look a little off?

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we will find out in due time ffs


I'd hope so that they as some new content , monsters weapons whatever