Payday 3 New Transporter Skill Line & Interaction Animations Detailed

Along with detailing changes to the two upcoming Legacy Heists for Payday 3, community manager Elisabeth E. and lead producer Andreas Häll Penninger outlined the new Skill Line, Transporter.

Transporter’s main appeal is carrying two bags, which adds a movement penalty. However, it offers nodes like gaining or refreshing Rush when picking up a body or bag (though it’s lost when throwing them). Another Node, Aced, will provide or refresh Grit when picking up a body or bag. Once again, you’ll lose the buff when throwing them.

Beast of Burden makes it so there are no movement penalties when carrying objects or bodies if you have Rush. Brutal Carry will intimidate any civilian or employee who sees you hefting a body if you have Grit. Deep Pockets grants an extra deployable if you have a deployable bag in your loadout, but other bags have two fewer charges.

Finally, Catapult, which allows for throwing bags 30 percent farther, is available without needing the Transporter Skill. Players can also look forward to new animations for interactions like tying up and ordering civilians, reviving players, searching files, packing cash, scanning keycards, typing and much more.

Starbreeze is accepting requests for other animations, so it should be interesting to see what else is added.

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time to put the game in the trash fr ffs


a game based solely off challenges instead of actually playing the game lol. They can add as many new things as they like. The game will be dead before it even matters.


Yeah it's the same stuff over and over gets very boring


Unfortunately payday got boring very quickly