Destiny 2 is Getting a Beta for its Fireteam Finder Tool in December

Developer Bungie has announced that the planned Fireteam Finder tool for Destiny 2 will be getting an open beta for all players. The aim of the beta is to help stress test the new tool, which would essentially allow players to plan and create Fireteams for Destiny 2‘s endgame content from within the game itself.

The in-game Fireteam Finder tool will allow players to make groups for just about any team-based activity in Destiny 2, from raids and seasonal content to dungeons and the campaign. The testing period for the Fireteam Finder is slated to take place on November 30, from 9AM to 5PM PST. To start things off, the Fireteam Finder will have access to all raids in the game.

While stress testing for the tool will take place on a single day, there will also be a beta that kicks off in December, depending on the results of the stress test. The full release for the tool is slated for late January.

The idea behind the Fireteam Finder is to essentially act as the main method for players to find team mates for some of the harder content in the game. Currently, Destiny 2 players have to make use of tools outside of the game, such as third-party websites and Discord, in order to find or create Fireteams for content like Raids and Dungeons.

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