Apex Legends Brings Back Three Strikes LTM Due to Popular Demand

Apex Legends recently got a brand new game mode from Respawn Entertainment called "Three Strikes," and players liked it quite a bit. They liked it so much that Respawn and Electronic Arts are bringing it back much quicker than limited-time modes typically rotate in and out of the schedule. It just went away this week on November 21st following the conclusion of the Post Malone event, but Respawn has already said as of Wednesday that it plans to bring the mode back on November 23rd where it'll once again be live for "a limited time," though it hasn't been said yet just how long it'll stick around this next time.

For context, LTMs in Apex Legends usually spend time time away from the rotation and only appear sporadically throughout seasonal events, so the fact that this one is coming back so soon shows just how much players enjoyed it.

Three Strikes Returns

Respawn said via the Apex Legends Twitter account this week that it planned to bring back the Three Strikes mode on November 23rd. That's Thanksgiving for those who celebrate which also means that lots of people are going to have time off from work and plenty of time to sink into Three Strikes again. It's also worth pointing out that Fortnite's having its own big to-do tomorrow with the new mini season dropping as part of the Season OG rollout, so it makes sense for Respawn to have something enticing for Apex players lest it loses out on people who are interested in revisiting Fortnite's Season X.

Apex Legends players have put forth the idea that the Three Strikes mode should be made permanent, but that seems quite unlikely since there's no precedent really for LTMs being implemented in that sort of way. If you haven't gotten to play it yet to see what all the buzz is about and are planning on trying it out for the first time this week, however, here's what you need to know about it:

"Unleash mayhem in this new LTM with faster revives and invincibility when downed," an overview of the new mode explained. "In Three Strikes, you and your squad will have three chances to be the last squad standing. Players can be knocked, but not killed unless the entire squad is wiped. At that point, you'll lose a strike and respawn back into the map fully equipped. Lose all three strikes and you're out."

Whenever you respawn, you do so one POI away from where you died, and you come back with your equipped armor and EVO progression, the weapons and attachments you had already, and all the ammo, ordinance, and consumables you had, too. This leads to a fast-paced mode where you're not so down about getting eliminated off a bad drop or right when you got in the groove, so it's no wonder that it's been received as well as it has been.

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yeah, it's great they brought back the 3 strike rule fr


Still have never even attempted to play this game just seems all over the place.