Sony Has Been Working On PS Portal Since 2017

The PlayStation Portal is now available in major markets and is selling out pretty fast to boot, but it looks like Sony had been brainstorming ideas for the device as far back as 2017.

A patent filed by the PlayStation hardware manufacturer from six years ago reveals an image of what can only be described as a prototype for the PS Portal, complete with screen and familiar DualShock 4 (this was before the PS5, so no DualSense yet) controller buttons and analog stick.

This was filed in the same year that the Nintendo Switch came out, so at the time it was thought that Sony were looking to produce hardware similar to the hybrid console. Of course, the PS Portal isn’t a proper console; it’s a PS5 accessory that allows you to stream content over Wi-Fi, giving you the chance to continue gaming from the system on the go.

As mentioned, the PS Portal has been selling well so far, as a recent restock at PlayStation Direct sold out in around 10 minutes. Despite the hefty $199.99 price tag, folk are more than happy to fork out the cash for the device, which will no doubt please Sony, as it previously admitted PS Portal wasn’t designed to make a profit.

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should have made a PSVita v2 instead of this trash fr


What a waste of time fr like wtf lol give us a new and improved PSP! That was the best hand held ! And ya the vita is out but it's not the same fr