Street Fighter 6 is Adding Costumes for All Launch Characters Dec 1

Capcom has kept the post-launch content for Street Fighter 6 chugging along in the wake of the acclaimed fighter’s launch earlier this year, with two DLC characters so far in Rashid and A.K.I., cosmetics, and more, soon, the game will be adding plenty more of the latter.

An Outfit 3 pack for Street Fighter 6 has been previously teased, and now Capcom has officially unveiled it. Third outfit choices will be added for each of the eighteen characters the game’s roster had at launch on December 1. There’s no word on what the pricing will be just yet though.

“When designing Outfit 3 for each character, the development team was inspired by in-game illustrations, various cultures, and pure fun,” Capcom says.

Interestingly, in the description for the Outfit 3 trailer (which you can view below), Capcom says the new outfits will launch alongside the Akuma, the fourth DLC character, though the third DLC character, Ed, is yet to release. Previously, Capcom has said that Ed will arrive in Winter, and Akuma in Spring 2024.

Street Fighter 6 is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PC.

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bulky characters with their tight outfits LMAO :lipbite:


I just never liked the bulky big characters in these games