Halo Developer 343 Industries Seems to Be Working on a New Project

343 Industries, the studio responsible for Halo Infinite and numerous other titles in the Halo franchise, may be working on something new that hasn't been revealed to the public. The game studio, which is a division of Xbox Game Studios and Microsoft, got its start with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary in 2011 and, since then, it's had a hand in the production of other major entries in the series, including Halo 4, Halo Wars 2, and Halo Infinite.

While the latest Halo title was well-received when it launched back in 2021, it's since lost some of its luster. As of last summer, Halo Infinite has lost about 98% of its Steam players, and gamers are beginning to ask where the franchise will go from here and what 343 Industries will be up to next. While nothing has been officially announced yet, there is some indication that the studio is already looking to the future with a new project presently in the works.

Based on an employee profile on LinkedIn, it appears that 343 Industries is working on "an unannounced internal project." Initially spotted and shared on Twitter by user Timur222, the profile belongs to Ben F, a former project manager at 343 Industries. The profile states that he was with the studio until January 2023 and that his experience included developing a roadmap for a new project. No other details are offered, but it does seem to hint at something currently in the works. There have been rumors of a new Halo game in development for some time and 343 Industries has made a name for itself with the Halo franchise. Still, it's too early to predict just what this new project could be or when it may be announced.

Some observers have been arguing that the Halo franchise needs a reset and this secret project could be just that. Still, given that the former project manager left the company in January of this year and had been working on a roadmap, it would seem that this project is still early in its pre-production phase. This would make it unlikely that gamers will be getting any news for some time.

It's fair to say that the next Halo game will face more pressure than previous titles, so it won't be surprising if 343 Industries takes lots of time to get the basics right before making an announcement. Of course, it's also possible that this secret game could be something entirely new and mark the studio's departure from the venerable shooter series. Either way, fans of the studio and its work on Halo will likely want to keep an eye out for news about the studio in the coming year.

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more like.... working on a new flop

due to these layoffs etc


With everything getting cancelled or lay offs wouldn't surprise me if it won't happen or even fake news