Rockstar is Seemingly Planning to Sunset the Social Club Ahead of GTA6

Rockstar Games will officially debut Grand Theft Auto 6’s announcement trailer in early December, and ahead of that long-awaited moment, it seems the company is making some significant changes to its online infrastructure. More specifically, it looks like the long-running Social Club platform is being put to rest.

As spotted by X user @videotechuk_, all mentions of Social Club have seemingly been scrubbed from the official Rockstar website, and have been replaced by references to what’s simply called the Rockstar Games platform. Much of the functionality for Social Club also seems to have been integrated into the Rockstar website itself, suggesting that the company is looking to streamline its social and community features in preparation of its next big release.

The company hasn’t yet officially communicated any such plans, but it’s possible that a formal announcement is made in the coming days to align with GTA 6’s announcement. Stay tuned for more updates.

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all this hype, and more likely it will end up as a flop ffs


No suprise i told yall this would happen


I really hope gta 6 online don't take forever to come out like 5 did


Overall this game looks promising hopefully they don't mess it up but usually Rockstar nails it!