Xbox Has Something Planned for The Game Awards – Rumor

The Game Awards are coming up on December 7, and with nominees having been revealed for all categories, over the coming days and weeks, we should start getting details on some of the announcements and reveals we’ll see at the showcase. And Microsoft, it seems, has something up its sleeve on that front as well.

That’s as per journalist Jez Corden, who recently said on the Xbox Two podcast that Xbox has something planned for The Game Awards next month. Corden refused to elaborate and provide further details though, so whether it’ll be one announcement or multiple, or significant new reveal or an update on a previously announced title, is anyone’s best guess right now.

A couple of announcements have already been confirmed for The Game Awards so far, including Baldur’s Gate 3’s final Xbox Series X/S release date, and the reveal for Crash Team Rumble’s next season, which will add Spyro the Dragon as a playable character.

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they always have something planned,
and most of the time it's shit LMAO


Hopefully something good for once !