Apex Legends Players Finally Get Update on Cross-Progression

Apex Legends cross-progression was supposed to release alongside the start of Season 19, and while some players did get the cross-progression popup and could link their accounts, it seems like the vast majority of players haven't seen anything in-game about cross-progression at all. Respawn Entertainment acknowledged in early November that cross-progression issues were impacting the game with promise of a resumed rollout within a few days, but even since then, there've been posts after posts from players without cross-progression wondering when it'll be their turn to share their goods between platforms.

Thankfully, we've finally gotten an update on the matter that's a bit more reassuring than the first one, though it remains to be seen if this will actually lead to a fix for Apex players.

Apex Legends Cross-Progression Update
While specifics weren't given regarding what the issues were, Respawn Entertainment said this week on Twitter that it'd resolved some problems which again were impacting cross-progression. It's unclear whether or not cross-progression rollouts were paused because these issues were being looked into or if the problems themselves were wholly stopping cross-progression rollouts from working, but we at least know now that progress should be happening soon.

"We recently resolved several issues related to cross progression and will continue rolling out more waves over the next few days," Respawn Entertainment said on Twitter.

The same tweet also reminded players not to try unlinking and relinking their accounts ahead of this (or any) next wave of cross-progression. Players have been doing that since Season 19 started under the assumption that doing so would expedite the process and would get them set up with cross-progression quicker, but that hasn't been the case. Instead, it's led to more problems including players temporarily being unable to login to their accounts.

What Transfers in Apex Legends Cross-Progression?
Once you actually do get a cross-progression popup, how will it actually work, and what will you share between accounts?

If you've got your various platform accounts linked to your EA profile, the Respawn said your highest-level account will be your "main" one. Crafting Materials, Legend Tokens, and Heirloom Shards are all shared between accounts as are the challenges you've completed, prize trackers, and XP earned. Apex Coins are shared between accounts, too, with the exception of the Nintendo Switch where all the Apex Coins you buy there stay on that platform. Platform exclusives like the Nintendo Switch's P.A.T.H. skin for Pathfinder as well as PlayStation Plus items stay on their respective platforms, too.

Stats are not being merged, however, so Respawn cautioned that "some of the items that are tied to stats, such as Ranked Rewards, Battle Pass Badges, and Collection Event badges, may be lost in the process." If that's the case for you, any lost rewards like these "will need to be earned again," Respawn said. There also won't be any refunds for accounts that have duplicate skins or other purchases on them, so hopefully you distributed your purchases evenly and didn't double up on skins if you've got multiple Apex accounts.

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