Monster Hunter Rise Has Sold 13.6 Million Units, Sunbreak Hits 6.5M

The Monster Hunter franchise has been one of Capcom’s biggest sellers for several years, and the action RPG series is continuing to post strong numbers, according to updated sales figures provided by Capcom on its Platinum Titles page.

As of September 30, Monster Hunter Rise has sold 13.6 million units worldwide, up from 13.2 million units earlier this year, having sold an additional 400,000 units over the course of the previous quarter (July-September). Meanwhile, its expansion, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, also sold an additional 400,000 units, and currently sits at lifetime sales of 6.5 million units.

Monster Hunter World, on the other hand, has seen slower sales as compared to its successor. The 2018 action RPG sold an additional 100,000 units during the previous quarter, and currently sits at 19.1 million units sold or 23.1 million units when also counting the Master Edition release). Its expansion, Iceborne, currently sits at 10.7 million units sold.

The Monster Hunter franchise’s 20th anniversary is coming up in March 2024, and Capcom has teased the series’ next mainline instalment, which could be releasing in the next few months.

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so amazing for them to hit so much sales

well done!!


Awesome numbers congrats to them !

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