Mass Effect 4 Tease Seemingly Shared From BioWare for N7 Day

BioWare has shared a new tease associated with its next Mass Effect game (which fans are primarily calling Mass Effect 4) to coincide with N7 Day. Each year on November 7, BioWare celebrates all things related to its spacefaring RPG series. As such, around this time every year, Mass Effect fans begin to hope that BioWare will share something notable about what might be next for the franchise. In 2023, that hasn't resulted in any major announcements, but BioWare does seem to have dropped a slight hint in association with Mass Effect 4.

In a new blog post on EA's website, members of BioWare shared an extensive message with fans revealing how it was celebrating N7 Day this year. Scattered throughout the post, it could be noticed that various ones and zeros were interspersed as part of certain words. Quickly, fans assumed that this was likely a hidden message in binary that BioWare tucked away in the blog. Upon gathering all of these ones and zeros and putting them into a binary translator, it was found to convert to the word "Epsilon."

So what exactly does epsilon mean? Well, that's what Mass Effect fans are trying to figure out. On social media, some have assumed that this could be the first tease of the next mainline game's name, which would be Mass Effect: Epsilon. Others then noted that Epsilon is the fifth letter in the Greek alphabet. As such, this could refer to the next game in the series being the fifth installment following Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Most curiously, though, the term "Epsilon" was found to also grant access to a hidden section on EA's website. Upon accessing this with the code, the following teaser video below was then revealed:

For the time being, those at BioWare haven't shed any light on what epsilon is or how it could be associated with what's to come in Mass Effect. That being said, BioWare did provide eager fans with a brief tease of its work on the next Mass Effect title and what can be expected of it in the future.

"Your joy, creativity, and passion help drive us towards the future of Mass Effect and all that it may become. The team is taking their time to craft a whole new adventure for you to enjoy, with new stories, characters, and experiences to fill it," BioWare said in its post. "At the end of the day, that's what N7 Day is about. Celebrating you and this special franchise that brings us all together. We hope you've enjoyed the glimpses into the future of the franchise so far. And don't worry, there's more to come, but farther away!"

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overdue fr. hope it ends up a great game if it does get released

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