The Day Before Has Bad News for PS5 and Xbox Gamers

Repeatedly delayed zombie MMO game The Day Before has been hit with yet another last-minute delay, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions pushed back indefinitely. The Day Before generated quite a bit of excitement when it was first announced, with some describing it as an MMO take on a game like The Last of Us. Unfortunately, The Day Before's development has been rough-going, with the zombie MMO game delayed multiple times and reportedly dealing with a bizarre trademark situation.

According to the developers, there was a dispute over The Day Before trademark that prevented the game from releasing on time. A new Day Before release date was set for November 10, but many had their doubts that the game would meet its planned launch date. The Day Before trademark issues have apparently been resolved, but this hasn't stopped the game's release date from getting pushed to December 7.

Developer Fntastic made the announcement on Twitter, confirming that The Day Before's delisted Steam page has been restored. It was also confirmed that the game will be released at 10am PT on December 7, but instead of a full release as expected, it will be Early Access. The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of The Day Before are being pushed back indefinitely and won't be available until the game exits Early Access. Those interested in trying out The Day Before in Early Access can do so for $39. The full version will cost $49 at launch, so those that get Early Access will be saving $10.

PC Early Access Release Date: December 7 at 10:00 a.m. PT
PS5 and Xbox Series X: TBA

The Day Before's seemingly constant issues have not given fans much confidence about the project. It's gotten to the point where some have questioned if The Day Before even exists. What was once a highly-anticipated game has become something fans are very skeptical about, and the decision to release it in Early Access after all this time is likely to make even more people skeptical about whether it can deliver on the promises of its announcement trailer or not.

A brand-new overview trailer coincided with the release date delay announcement, showing off customization, vehicles, combat, and social features. Even so, fans may not be convinced that The Day Before will actually see the light of day. Many Day Before release dates have come and gone with no sign of the MMO zombie game, and so it's understandable that fans may not be optimistic that the new December 8 date will be any different.

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we didn't see that coming *rolls eyes*


Good news for all the PC gamers!


game delays are a norm now though so no reason to be mad really

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