Capcom says it has a ‘major unannounced title’ planned before March

Capcom is planning to release a “major” unannounced title by the end of its current fiscal year, which ends in March 2024, it’s said.

That’s according to a Japanese Q&A section published alongside its latest earnings results this week, in which it mentions the unannounced title in relation to how it intends to reach its year-end sales targets.

Considering its aspirations for the unannounced game, it’s possible that it’s related to one of Capcom’s two biggest franchises, Resident Evil or Monster Hunter.

It’s also possible, since there are few major industry events left before March 2024, that the game could be announced during The Game Awards in December.

Capcom has said it’s on track to achieve 11 consecutive years of operating income growth following a strong first half of its fiscal year.

The company’s best-selling game during the first six-month period was Street Fighter 6, which has now surpassed 2.47 million units since its release at the start of June.

The Resident Evil 4 remake sold a further 1.66 million copies during the first half of the fiscal year, taking its lifetime total to 5.45 million following its release in March. Capcom’s top-selling franchise of all time has now surpassed 150 million sales.

The publisher launched a new IP, Exoprimal, in mid-July for PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The game, which was available for Game Pass on console and PC at launch, sold fewer than 940,000 copies by the end of September.

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the game title is going to be epic fr


Hopefully it's a good game title !


They have been absolutely crushing it these past 5 or whatever years. Can not wait to see what they have in store.

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