Apex Legends Will Support Cross-Progression In Season 19

Apex Legends fans can rejoice, as this new coming season, Season 19: Ignite will add something they’ve been asking about for years now: cross-progression.

Beginning with the new season, players will finally be able to take a single account across any platform they might enjoy, with their current highest-level account to be named their “master account.”

Don’t be surprised though if it doesn’t happen right away, as Respawn says “players will be phased in over a period of time in order to ensure stability for this anticipated feature.”

When you are able to begin the process, it’ll start with an in-game prompt to “bring together your content and progression,” while all your data is associated with your EA account.

Also, it should be noted that “any secondary Apex Legends accounts created after October 26, 2023 for the same EA account, will note be eligible to be merged,” says Respawn, “to prevent exploitation.”

Whatever the case, it’s good to see that cross-progression will finally be supported.

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Source: https://www.psu.com/news/apex-legends-will-support-cross-progression-in-season-19/


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about time. took them long enough


Stopped playing a while ago because there was no cross progression when I moved to pc, might have to pick it back up once this happens.


If you have 2 EA accounts, DO NOT UNLINK YOUR PROFILE. I've seen hundreds of people trying to be smart and unlink their profiles so they can link it up to their PC EA account and lose out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Contact support, Tell them you have 2 EA accounts and you want to move the console (Or PC) profile over to another EA account and they'll do it for you. My friend wanted to rush and do his and lost over $1k because he unlinked both his Xbox and PS4 accounts because he didn't listen. I hope for his sake they can revert it.


Whatt It took them this long to get cross progress lol


I never gave this game a fair try, I only have 1 hour played on steam.
Guess I'll give it another go.


Hell **** yea bro let's go

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