SteamVR Gets a UI Revamp With Latest Update

Valve has announced the release of a new major version of SteamVR. The update, SteamVR 2.0, brings with it a completely revamped new interface, and is available to all VR users playing games on Steam.

As part of the UI revamp, SteamVR now also has most of the current features available on Steam and Steam Deck. There is also now support for dual-cursor typing, allowing VR users to type faster. SteamVR users can now also make use of the new integrated Steam Chat and Voice Chat features.

The update spent some time as a beta, and Valve was able to take into account quite a bit of feedback when it came to introducing new features to the UI.

For those out of the loop, SteamVR is the layer of Steam that kicks in if you use your VR headset to play games on Steam. The older version of SteamVR, while featuring quite a few interesting things to play around with, was considered fairly barebones, ultimately allowing players to do little more than launch their game of choice.

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they have certainly done well with the UI revamp fr


VR is kinda fading away I think fr !

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