Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaker Has Bad News for PC Gamers

It looks like Grand Theft Auto 6 won't be available on PC the same day that it launches on consoles. Rockstar Games has a long history of leaving its big games off PC, opting to bring its titles to the platform years after they launch on console, if at all.

Famously, the original Red Dead Redemption has never been released on PC, and it took nearly two years to bring Grand Theft Auto 5 to the platform. Most recently, Rockstar Games launched Red Dead Redemption 2 on PlayStation and Xbox, waiting over a year to bring the open world western to PC. Some fans may have hoped that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 would be a different story, and while the jury is still out, it seems like PC gamers shouldn't hold their breath about getting to play GTA 6 on their platform of choice come launch day.

According to Tez2, an insider who has revealed accurate information in the past, the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 6 is "more buggy" than the console versions. Tez2 said that fans should expect a delayed PC release for the highly-anticipated open world game. Obviously, fans should wait for official word from Rockstar Games before getting too upset, but considering the company's track record with PC ports, it's pretty easy to believe that GTA 6 will hit consoles before it launches on PC.

While Grand Theft Auto 6 may or may not be available on PC at launch, fans can rest assured that the game will come to the platform at some point down the line. Rockstar Games has invested money in the GTA RP experience, which is primarily a PC phenomenon. It would be leaving a lot of money on the table if a PC port didn't come eventually, so while it remains to be seen if the PC version will be available on the same day as the console release, patient PC gamers should still be able to get their hands on the game eventually.

As it stands, fans have no official word on when the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date is, but it's been hinted that the game will launch by April 2025. Some rumors suggest that Grand Theft Auto 6 could be aiming for release in holiday 2024, but fans should keep their expectations in check. Rockstar has confirmed that the game is in development, but has yet to drop its first trailer, so it's hard to say when the game will actually be out.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development.

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yeah, would've been hacked/modded the shit out of it on day one lmao


Consoles master race mother fluffer nutter lol :D


With the Pc market growing so much over the last few years this might not be the best move. We will see if the rumour is true!


not a bad idea, I'm glad I'll be able to touch the game before PC does!


Doesn't matter. I'll just be getting it on nex gen console anyways so hackers can't mess with me online ! I'll be no life at this game

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