New Dark and Darker Update Reverts Merchant Changes

Dark and Darker got a new update this week for the early access extraction game that included a number of noteworthy changes. Aside from the expected bugfixes and general improvements customary in these sorts of updates, the patch notes released for Early Access Hotfix #14 also buffed a couple of different classes' abilities including the Bard's Warsong and Story Teller as well as some of the Rogue's damage outputs. In one of the biggest changes to account for in the update, Ironmace reverted some of the changes implemented in Early Access Patch #1 related to the wares sold by the merchants.

In a bit of context provided for the patch notes for this hotfix, Ironmace said it'd looked to establish a "clean baseline" with the release of the last big update so that it could make changes from there based on what needed adjusting. After a "run with the nerfhammer,"

Dark and Darker Merchant Changes Reverted
The last big update made is so that merchants would sell a "much larger amount and variety of items," but change was apparently a bit much and has since ben recalled.

"We also realized that although the changes to the Merchants had the intended effect of reducing the stress of gearing up, we may have made it a little too easy, thus dis-incentivizing the value of loot more than we wanted," Ironmace said. "In order to put more value into the higher grades of loot we have decided to revert to the more dynamic random modifiers from before EA Patch #1. We have also slightly tuned these modifiers so some of the more desirable stats are even better than before. We have also removed the epic items from the Merchants so that the higher grade items are even more valuable. However as an alternate means to still attain some of these high grade items outside the dungeons, we have reintroduced Jack O Lantern. Finally, we want to motivate players to still obtain these loots from inside the dungeons and have made the SubBosses and special chests as special POIs that will always drop guaranteed higher quality loot."

Dark and Darker's latest update is now live following a release on Thursday.

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happy to know they have listened and added stuff to make the game better


Runts Good deal for listening to there fans !!

Always awesome to see devs listening to their fans. It makes the game better and theyll end with more money imo


Good deal for listening to there fans !!

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