Epic Games Store Free Games for September 28

As expected of almost every Thursday on the Epic Games Store, two new titles have been made available to customers for free, and two new ones have been announced to take their place in a week's time. Many players have double the chances to find something they enjoy this September, it seems, as the recent weeks have ended a trend of the Epic Games Store free game promotion only offering one title a week.

This week, Epic Games Store users have two puzzle games they can try out that offer intriguing gameplay with stories that will bring out different feelings to those willing to give the games a chance. If players aren't interested in what Out of Line and The Forest Quartet have to offer, then next Thursday at 10 AM CT, two more games will take their place that offer vastly different experiences compared to the last set. Model Builder offers a relaxing experience for hobbyists and simulation fans, and Soulstice is a hack-and-slash RPG that channels the feelings of Berserk and Dark Souls.

Epic Games Store Free Game Soulstice Explained

Soulstice throws players into the Holy Kingdom of Keldas, which is currently being ravaged by monstrous creatures known as Wraiths. Two sisters, Briar and Lute, are merged into a being known in Soulstice as a Chimera, giving Briar supernatural powers as Lute remains bound to her soul in exchange. The two sisters function as dual playable characters, so to beat Soulstice's many challenges, fans have to manage them both simultaneously.

While Dark Souls is an obvious inspiration for the kingdom of Keldas, the game is closer to Devil May Cry than FromSoftware's famous franchise. This means that while there may be some Soulslike elements in Soulstice, the overall experience is a hack-and-slash adventure that promises unique combat and lasts roughly 20 hours. While Soulstice has been out for just over a year, the game hadn't reached the Epic Games Store until now, and its addition is being celebrated with the free game promotion.

Epic Games Store Free Game Model Builder Explained

As impressive as Soulstice being temporarily added to Epic Games' free line-up is, the game's rating makes it clear that the RPG isn't for the faint of heart, or for those wishing for something more relaxing. This appears to be where Model Builder comes in, which is most certainly a title that players can get comfortable with by comparison. The game is exactly what it says on the tin: an immersive simulation game where fans can build model kits for things like Mobile Suit Gundam robots, tanks, and guns at their own pace.

With Mobile Builder being made available for no extra cost for a week, players get hours upon hours to learn how these model kits are made in a calming environment. As expected of a title like Model Builder, customization is not only encouraged, but a great way to make the models unique; they can be sold for money to earn even more impressive tools and materials throughout the immersive simulation and its campaign mode.

In the end, it can be safely said that the two games offered for the week of September 28 couldn't be any more different. One offers a dark and gripping tale of two sisters with a world and high-stakes combat to match, whereas the other invites players to kick back, relax, and build the model kits of their dreams at their own pace. In the end, that may be exactly the point with pairing Soulstice and Model Builder together, as the two of them offer such a wide variety that there will be plenty of gamers satisfied with what the Epic Games Store offers that week.

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I wish Xbox gold would offer decent games now it's shit


Soulstice is for the win this month fr


Love free games but wont be playing any of these to be honest


man gta easily was the best game theyve done for free !

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