UFC 5 Reveals First Gameplay Trailer With Brutal Combat

UFC 5 has gotten a brand new trailer that offers a deep dive into the gameplay of the new sports game. Over the last 20 years or so, UFC has risen up as one of the most popular sports out there. People are very entertained by violence, especially when it comes from incredibly skilled people. Boxing has been massive for decades, professional wrestling is enjoyed by millions, and and now UFC is one of the most dominant sports out there. Naturally, it made sense for game publishers to get in on the action. THQ made a few UFC games that were pretty well received in the late 2000s, but once the publisher went bankrupt, EA swooped in and took the rights to the series and began making some pretty solid MMA games.

Now, after a three year wait since the last UFC game, UFC 5 is almost here. We got a small taste of the game earlier this month, but now EA is giving us a proper deep dive. A new gameplay trailer that dives deep into the differences of this year's game has been released and it certainly looks like EA has made great efforts to evolve the series past its last four games. There are new presentation options that allow you to view key moments of a fight in a cinematic replay with enhanced fidelity and fancy lighting. Ground combat has changed to be smoother and less convoluted as well. In addition to that, the level of detail has been greatly increased thanks to the Frostbite engine and players can expect more realistic impact and damage done to fighters. On top of that, when certain parts of your body are damaged, it will affect how you play. If your eye gets too hurt, it will make it hard to defend on that side of your body. It looks like it has real potential, but we'll see if EA can pull it off as they've been heavily criticized for other sports games in recent years.

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they've done really well with the brutal combat features


Looks awesome. Going to be better than the last and I cant wait


Looks very nice, bummer that it's not on steam!


I cant wait to get this fr it looks damn goood ! this and Spiderman 2 will be my next grabs for sure !


Bring UFC games to Steam!

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