New Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Trailer Revealed

Nintendo Direct featured a new trailer for Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, a remaster of 2013's Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Releasing in summer 2024, the game will offer improved visuals over the 3DS version, which will bring it more in line with Luigi's Mansion 3. In the trailer, viewers can get a glimpse at just how much the game has improved from a visual standpoint, as it's clearly pushing the abilities of the Nintendo Switch hardware in an impressive way. The game will also retain the ScareScraper multiplayer mode present in Dark Moon.

Readers can check out the trailer for Luigi's Mansion 2 HD below.

With the game's release almost a year away, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo announces any new features or changes from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. With rumors suggesting that the next Nintendo system will release in the second half of 2024, Luigi's Mansion 2 HD could end up being one of the last first-party games released for the Nintendo Switch!

Charles Martinet's Final Mario Game
Last month, Nintendo shocked fans when the company revealed that Charles Martinet will no longer be voicing Mushroom Kingdom characters including Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. As such, the actor's voice will not be heard in upcoming games like WarioWare: Move It! or Super Mario Bros. Wonder. However, Nintendo has confirmed that Martinet's voice work from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will remain in Luigi's Mansion 2 HD. That isn't always the case for remasters; there have been plenty of remasters where original lines were re-recorded, or the original voice actor has been replaced, for one reason or another. From the trailer, we can hear Martinet's iconic take on the character right off the bat, as Luigi screams in fear!

The End of the Nintendo 3DS eShop
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was available on the 3DS eShop until earlier this year, when Nintendo shut down the digital storefront. Nintendo announced the closure of the Wii U and 3DS eShops more than a year in advance, but the actual closure still came as a disappointment for a lot of people. Those that want to experience Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon with its original stereoscopic 3D intact will have to track down a physical copy of the game to do so. Thankfully, the game tends to be on the cheaper side on the secondary market. At one point, Dark Moon was added to the Nintendo Selects line for 3DS, which made best-selling games cheaper, and added slightly altered box art. As such, physical copies of the game have remained easy to find for a reasonable price, unlike a lot of other 3DS games!

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another great game for the switch (2) :lipbite:


This looks awesome. Cant wait for the new switch. Going to get this


Looks like there making a selection of new games for the new switch 2

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