Sonic Frontiers Reveals New Final Horizon Animated Trailer

Later this month, Sonic Frontiers will release its final update, appropriately titled The Final Horizon. Sega has offered multiple free updates to the game over the last year, but this one has been the most anticipated for fans, as it offers new story content, new challenges, and new playable characters. With the release date swiftly approaching, Sega has released an all-new animated trailer. The trailer does not feature new gameplay footage, but it does offer some hints about what players can expect in terms of story and gameplay content. Notably, there's a big focus on Knuckles, Tails, and Amy!

The new trailer for Sonic Frontiers: The Final Horizon can be found below.

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such an enjoyable vid trailer. Nothing beats a Sonic game fr


Video was cool. Can never go wrong with a sonic game


sick trailer and the animation looks super clean !

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