The Division 2 Tops 20 Million Players

The Division 2 has been trucking along for over four years now, and though the open world looter shooter has certainly been through a couple of rough periods in that time, it seems to still be going strong, especially as far as attracting players is concerned.

Recently, the game hit a major milestone, with developer Massive Entertainment taking to Twitter and revealing that The Division 2 has surpassed over 20 million players in its lifetime.

The shooter is, of course, set to receive more new content in the near future, with Year 5 Season 1: Broken Wings kicking off on June 8. Interestingly, creative director Yannick Banchereau recently revealed that though the initial plan had been to end support for The Division 2 in 2020, the game saw more prolonged success than expected, leading to continuing support.

As for whether Massive Entertainment has any plans for The Division 3, the studio has said that a third mainline instalment is not currently on the table– which, given the other projects it does have on its plate, doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is next up, and will be showcased at the upcoming Ubisoft Forward event, while Massive Entertainment is currently also working on an open world Star Wars title.

The Division fans do have a couple of games to look forward to though, with free-to-play survival shooter The Division Heartland and mobile title The Division Resurgence.

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Runts Game is trashhh honestly

Is it bad I was going to try it is there no point?


CalicoReidso Still have the 1st one to play LMAO

So do I haha never found time to play


Still have the 1st one to play LMAO


Game is trashhh honestly


Game is still far from alive compared to Destiny 2