Call Of Duty On Switch Will Launch On The Same Day As Xbox

In an attempt to show regulators that it won't gate off the Call of Duty series once its acquisition of Activision Blizzard has gone through - something which is Sony's main point of contention regarding the whole deal - Microsoft recently signed a 10-year deal with Nintendo to publish the series on Switch. Top top it off, that deal also included "feature and content parity", meaning the version that will launch on Switch consoles will be the exact same as the Xbox version.

After that announcement, many questioned how Microsoft and Activision Blizzard were going to pull that off considering the power difference between the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X. Obviously, some sacrifices are going to have to be made somewhere, and it's likely both performance and graphical quality will take a hit if Microsoft isn't willing to remove features. One thing that has been confirmed though is that whatever this Switch version of Call of Duty is going to look like, it will launch alongside the Xbox version.

In a statement posted to Twitter by Microsoft president and vice-chairman Brad Smith, it's clarified that Microsoft intends to launch the Switch versions of future Call of Duty games right alongside Xbox versions, and that the company is "affirm[ing] Microsoft’s strong commitment to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo’s customers" if regulators allow the deal to happen.

As for talks between Sony and Microsoft regarding the same deal, things aren't going as smoothly as they did with Nintendo. The company is one of the biggest opponents to the Activision Blizzard acquisition over fears many of its users could jump ship and join Xbox should it complete its purchase of the Call of Duty series. Last we heard, the two were "not close" to agreeing upon a deal, and we can probably expect it to stay that way.

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TCAR i remember BO1 on the Wii lmfao

Better yet WaW die the Wii ! Lol


COD will work on the Switch, and it will do it good

loved COD: BO Declassified on the PSVita


I just hope we get easier lobby's out of this fr.


i remember BO1 on the Wii lmfao

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