Hogwarts Legacy Reveals Absurd Stats After Just 2 Weeks on Sale

Hogwarts Legacy has been a massive success for Warner Bros., according to recently revealed stats. A Warner Bros. executive spoke about Hogwarts Legacy during a recent interview, sharing numbers that demonstrate the game's enormous popularity and impressive fan engagement.

Developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Games, Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the Harry Potter universe during the late 1800s. Players take the role of a new student at the titular wizarding school and quickly become embroiled in the ongoing Goblin Rebellion. Officially, announced in 2020, it is Avalanche Software's first game since being acquired by Warner Bros. in 2017. Hogwarts Legacy has seen generally positive reviews for its combat, world, and characters but faced criticism for its side missions and technical flaws.

Variety interviewed Warner Bros. Games president David Haddad about Hogwarts Legacy on February 16. According to Haddad, the game has been a massive success, with over 152 million hours played in just two weeks. Haddad also shared some additional stats about what players did in the game. This included growing 393 magical plants, brewing 242 million potions, and defeating 1.25 billion dark Wizards.

According to Haddad, Hogwarts Legacy is also the most successful release to come out of the Wizarding World in some time. The previous most significant spike in online fan activity followed the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in 2018. However, Warner Bros. reports that Hogwarts Legacy web page views surpassed that spike by 39% in only five days. Unsurprisingly, the publisher was delighted with the game's popularity, with Haddad predicting a bright future for Hogwarts Legacy's upcoming launches on additional platforms.

The lead-up to Hogwarts Legacy's release was not without controversy. Some felt that the game's depiction of the goblin rebellion evoked anti-Semitic tropes, an accusation that has followed Harry Potter's depiction of goblins for some time. Hogwarts Legacy was also contentious due to J. K. Rowling's controversial views on transgender people. Some Twitch streamers reported harassment from people who felt that streaming Hogwarts Legacy implicitly endorsed Rowling's political positions. However, the controversy does not seem to have had a significantly negative effect on the game's success.

Hogwarts Legacy is part of Warner Bros.'s initiative of investing in AAA games based on some of its most popular franchises. This includes the company's plans to develop several games based on DC properties, which will serve as tie-ins to Warner Bros.'s revamped DC cinematic universe.

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holyn hell, that is totally absurd stats right there


Runts His game was beyond amazing the story was soo good and I loved all the characters ! Can't wait for another. And we may get a tv show of it !

I'm always weary of TV shows about things I love. I find they're often low quality and detract from the reputation of the franchise. Not always of course, but far more often than not unfortunately.


His game was beyond amazing the story was soo good and I loved all the characters ! Can't wait for another. And we may get a tv show of it !


Only 393 magical plants have been grown? :p I'm assuming a typo.
Regardless, this gam is great. I'm not surprised it's doing so well.
Apparently CSGO still have 3x the number of active players though!

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