Gears of War 2 Director Seemingly Returning for Gears 6

One of the former writers and directors on the classic Xbox 360 game Gears of War 2 seems to now be coming back to the franchise to work on Gears 6. At this point in time, The Coalition hasn't announced that it's working on the next mainline Gears of War installment, but other reports in recent weeks have suggested that the project is now in development. And while it might take a bit for us to get our first official look at Gears 6, we now seem to know that the game is assembling some veteran talent.

In a recent message on social media, developer Joshua Ortega seemingly dropped a hint that he is now working on the Gears of War series once again. Ortega previously served as the primary writer on Gears of War 2 and also co-directed the second installment in the Xbox shooter series. Beyond this, Ortega also co-created the story seen in Gears of War 3 and worked on a number of different comic books associated with the franchise. In short, Ortega has a lot of experience with Gears of War, which means that if he is indeed helping The Coalition with Gears 6, this will be a big boon for the upcoming title.

As mentioned, Ortega hasn't properly confirmed that he's now working on Gears 6, but a number of recent tweets that he has shared seem to indicate as much. Beyond this, Netflix is also in the process of working on a Gears of War movie and an accompanying animated series. The status of all of these projects is quite secretive at the moment, so it's hard to know when we might learn more about when any of them are planned to release. Regardless, the future for Gears of War is definitely starting to look bright, especially coming off of the successful Gears 5.

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be good if he could make the 6th just as good as the 2nd


That's good but gears games and tan base really died off after 3 they were all bad.


Very good sign. Gears 2 was great fun!

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