Embracer Plans To Release 4 Big-Budget Games By Next March

Embracer Group, the parent company of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, recently revealed in a quarterly financial report that it will be delivering 31 AAA games by March 2028, four of which will be released by March 2024.

The CEO of Embracer Group Lars Wingefors announced in a presentation on Thursday that Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal will deliver 5 big-budget games by March 2028. Gearbox Entertainment will also release 8 AAA games in the same period.

According to Wingefors, the triple-A for Embracer Group is defined as titles with over 100 developers at the peak of the development process, requiring a significant amount of marketing budget. These titles are expected to reach at least two million copies sold.

Crystal Dynamics is already working on a new Tomb Raider franchise using Unreal Engine 5. But the studio is also helping Microsoft's The Initiative to develop Perfect Dark. None of those projects has a release date yet, but they are both among the 5 titles that the studio is committed to delivering by March 2028.

On the other hand, there is no clear information on what could be the next project for Eidos Montreal, but there were rumors last year suggesting that the studio might have started developing a new Deus Ex title. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy was the last title developed by Eidos Montreal when the studio was still operating under Square Enix. The game did become a favorite experience for Marvel fans and gamers, but it is unknown whether it could receive a sequel.

Crystal Dynamics was also supporting Marvel's Avengers with post-launch content until very recently, but that will come to an end later next month, allowing the studio to shift its focus on upcoming projects. Marvel's Avengers was a huge loss for Square Enix in terms of financial performance, but the developer managed to expand the game's world by adding seasonal content.

Aside from Tomb Raider and Deus Ex, fans are hopeful that Embracer greenlights new projects from the older IPs of the recently acquired studios such as Legacy of Kain and Thief, both of which have not received new entries for years now.

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yeah, we need more new Tomb Raiders and Perfect Darks


Hell yes a new tomb raider open world game will be sickk.


Not my favourite studios but that's a big promise! Sounds like they have no worries over delays.

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