Sea of Thieves Adding Halo Content

New Halo-themed content is available in Sea of Thieves. Motivated Sea of Thieves players can acquire special new costumes to dress up as their favorite character from the Halo universe while they participate in all the usual pirate activities.

Sea of Thieves, originally announced at E3 in 2015 and then launched in early 2018 for Xbox One and PC before expanding to the Xbox Series X platform in late 2020, has enjoyed a steady stream of content updates since its debut. Some players considered that launch disappointing, due to various server issues and the underwhelming variety of activities available, but the game's reception improved when Rare announced a new ship and 6 major Sea of Thieves updates in 2018 alone. Additional content has arrived fairly regularly since then, often as part of limited-time Adventures, and updates have allowed Rare to expand the game's world while addressing gameplay issues that cropped up along the way.

In a new video posted to YouTube, the Sea of Thieves channel has announced "Masterful" Pirate Emporium gear that allows players to dress up in costumes modeled after Master Chief, hero of the Halo franchise. Available now, the Infinite Depths Collection includes an assortment of cosmetics, with versions of the iconic helmet and energy sword being particularly hard to miss. Halo fans will likely decide the new gear is one of the best Sea of Thieves outfits available. Players should probably expect to see a lot of Master Chief clones wandering beaches and ship decks in the immediate future, banana pistols in hand.

The new update is not the first time Sea of Thieves has featured Halo content. Sea of Thieves added a Halo ship set in 2019, released during the year's E3 event, which players could snap up when they played the game in time. Themed content relating to various Microsoft properties has proved popular with fans and is likely to continue coming as the company looks to remind everyone of the other properties available.

Rare shared 10 Sea of Thieves Adventures in 2022, with an 11th installment already appearing and concluding in early 2023. The company has announced it will be "hitting the pause button" so the 9th season of content has time to shine. Rare plans a great deal more content in time to celebrate the game's upcoming fifth anniversary, however. Perhaps additional Halo content will arrive in future updates, but even if it doesn't, fans now can dress like one of their favorite characters from one popular franchise, while having adventures in another one. It's a veritable bounty of good times for all.

Sea of Thieves is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Nice. I must admit that I do enjoy more subtle easter eggs to honour / reference other games however.


they should have Sea of Thieves content on Halo


This game was fun but kinda fell off fast


Master chief on a pirate ship. Imagine telling your younger self this.

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