Marvel's Midnight Suns Venom DLC Launches Next Week

Marvel's Midnight Suns has released a new cinematic trailer for the Redemption DLC, which brings one of the fan-favorite villainous characters to the game — Venom. The upcoming expansion will be available through the Season Pass on February 26.

Clocking in at less than two minutes, the short snippet includes a few scenes of Venom controlling his vicious personality, as well as some gameplay footage showcasing the hero's abilities. However, the trailer also balances Venom's weight in the narrative, addressing his previous role in the game and what makes him important for the future — his antagoistic relationship with Spider-Man.

Venom is an alien symbiote that seeks an ideal host to wreak havoc with. It finds itself bonded with Edie Brock, a Daily Globe reporter known for his sensationalistic stories, many of which cast blame on Spider-Man. Having been previously rejected by Peter Parker, Venom was able to imbue Eddie Brock to transform him into a visually compelling monster with powers similar to Spider-Man. The symbiote is also known for its ferocious personality, which can be provoked to spread its demonic influence. As many long-time Marel fans are aware, Venom has fought Spider-Man many times to get his revenge after assimilating his powers.

Most recently, Venom fought Spider-Man in his fallen form while being corrupted with infernal power by Lilith. Players can recruit Venom to right the wrongs he committed after completing the subsequent Shattering Expectations mission. As for his abilities, the trailer description says Venom will bring 10 hero abilities in total. He is an attacker whose insatiable hunger generates a stack of Ravenous at the start of each round. Venom has also ranged and area-of-effect abilities, with his Assimilation ability giving each of his attacks and other heroic abilities the Quick keyword.

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Runts This game like I said could have been really fun if they just made it like normal action game and not card rp

Indeed. I'm surprised by how good the reviews have been given how it looks.


I hope it does well for them

not my type of game


This game like I said could have been really fun if they just made it like normal action game and not card rp