Starfield Showcase Gets New Update From Bethesda

An employee at Starfield publisher Bethesda has shared a new update about when the game's upcoming showcase might be taking place. Earlier this year, Xbox and Bethesda confirmed that a new event centered around Starfield would be happening at some point in the coming months. Since this announcement, new information on the showcase hasn't come about, which has led fans to wonder what is going on behind the scenes. And while we still don't know when this presentation will transpire, we've now received a bit more info on the topic.

In a message shared to Discord, a Bethesda community manager by the name of "VaultOfDaedalus" gave Starfield fans some new details about when this showcase might happen. In short, VaultOfDaedalus said that Bethesda is still "sorting stuff out" behind the scenes for this event. As such, it seems that Bethesda itself hasn't even finalized plans for when this Starfield showing will take place.

"We'll have more info to share on the showcase when it's ready to be, still sorting stuff out," Bethesda's community manager said. "I know that's not the answer you want, but nothing specific is being withheld."

While it's disappointing to still not have an answer on this front, within recent days, a new leak has come about that potentially disclosed the launch date for Starfield. Although it's not known how accurate this leak might be, it claimed that the game would release this summer on June 29, 2023. Whether or not this date proves to be spot-on remains to be seen, but whenever this showcase does take place, it seems likely that we'll hear more about Starfield's launch.

For now, Xbox and Bethesda have only broadly committed to releasing Starfield in the first half of 2023. Whenever it does release, it will be playable across Xbox Series X and PC platforms.

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it's been a while we had a decent update about the game


Runts Pretty cool game I guess just not my cup of tea.

Well, it follows in the steps of Fallout and the Elder Scrolls so I have high hopes for it!


I'm looking forward to this showcase! Real news from Starfield has been dry for a long time now


Pretty cool game I guess just not my cup of tea.

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