Redfall Will Support Mouse And Keyboard On Console

According to Redfall's official Xbox Store page, the game will support mouse and keyboard on consoles, making it the second first-party title from Microsoft in 2023 to launch with this feature, the first being Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition.

As Redfall doesn't feature any player-versus-player components, the unending controller versus keyboard argument isn't relevant, at least. Halo Infinite also offers the option to play with mouse and keyboard on console. It would appear that mouse and keyboard support is becoming more commonplace for Microsoft.

Though this hasn't held true for every release, as Hi-Fi Rush currently doesn't support keyboard and mouse on Xbox.

Redfall is targeting a May 2 release this year and will be available for free via Game Pass on release day. It was recently revealed by developer Arkane that playing Redfall will require a constant internet connection even just for single-player. Redfall will also be utilizing Denuvo anti-tamper software to combat piracy.

Redfall is currently available for pre-order on Xbox and PC, with the Bite Back edition also available. Redfall Bite Back comes with exclusive skins for each one of the playable characters at launch and also gives the player future access to two post-launch characters. The Standard Edition is priced at $69.99, in line with Microsoft's new first-party title pricing plan.

Microsoft is still determined to keep the price for Xbox consoles unchanged as long as possible, knowing that Xbox Series S is still the cheapest entry to the current-gen console gaming, and has a bigger share of the hardware market compared to the more powerful Xbox Series X. However, Microsoft did recently raise the price of the Xbox in Japanese markets.

Redfall releases May 2 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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CalicoReidso will be very interesting to play this game kb&m on the console :P

You're planning to do that? I would imagine it's only for a VERY niche portion of the player base haha


will be very interesting to play this game kb&m on the console :P


Huh... I'd never even considered this before. Its obviously common the other way around, but I've never heard of keyboard and mouse for console. It would be handy for a fair few games, especially strategy games I'd expect


I don't get why people would even use Kb/m on a console lol.

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