Postal Devs Want to Bring the Series to Xbox

Running With Scissors, the game developer behind the long-controversial Postal series, is announcing a fan-backed plea to Microsoft: it wants to make Postal available on the Xbox gaming platform. The company posted the tweet following a successful campaign to get the series platforming on Sony's PlayStation 4 and 5.

Despite misgivings about some of its more crass content from non-fans, and an ill-received third title (Postal 3), the Postal series continues to delight fans with main character The Postal Dude's bleak outlook on life, and graphic, off-color antics. To give an example - the Postal 4: No Regerts trailer shows several enemies and NPCs being laid to waste by shotguns, chainsaws, weaponized cats, parking lots full of exploding vehicles, and much more. Beyond its full-embrace of dark humor, the series is also known to utilize exaggerated cultural and political stereotypes as frequent plot points.

To beckon the Postal series onto the Xbox platform, Running With Scissors designed a special graphic featuring The Postal Dude holding up a petition fans will recognize from the Postal 4: No Regerts town bidet quest. The graphic has all but two signatures and requests, "Hi there @xbox, would you please sign this petition?" The Postal Dude stands against a backdrop of Edensin, the main setting where Postal 4's story takes place.

To rally fans behind the cause, Running With Scissors asks gamers who share its vision of Postal arriving on Xbox: "If you want the POSTAL games on Xbox, tweet with #POSTALonXbox!" The hashtag is featured again on the actual poster in green, alongside encouraging text: "Only you can make a difference (Maybe)". Fans in the comments are generally responding positively. Over 500 people have already retweeted the post, many fans including remarks affirming their excitement.

Fans may will it, but the controversial nature of the Postal series may give Microsoft pause. It has its fair share of industry woes (players experiencing Xbox Live outages, clashing with Sony over the Blizzard Activision King acquisition, concerns about specs compared to the PS5, etc.), and need to be cautious about any partnerships or joint ventures going forward. Platforming the Postal series may alienate wary Xbox fans that don't buy in to simplistic wanton violence.

However, there's a chance The Postal Man's petition may gain traction. Similar gory games like Gears of War 5, Doom, and (infamously violent) Mortal Kombat 11 and their series' siblings have caused their own gaming controversies, yet found successful homes on the Xbox platform. And while some game publishers wouldn't dream of hosting such carnage, a PlayStation 4 and 5 port for Postal 4: No Regerts is already in the works. If Running With Scissors and its devoted fans get their say, an Xbox edition of the Postal series won't be long to follow.

Postal 4: No Regerts is available now on PC, and coming to PlayStation 4 and 5 in March 2023.

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Hahaha nice. I haven't seen a campaign like this before. I'm sure it'll come, exclusivity seems to only be honoured for a couple of years before games end up on all platforms.


this should be on all consoles/devices


Yeah that would be a smart movie and generate more money all around.

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