Wanted: Dead Showcases its World and Characters in New Trailer

The newest trailer for upcoming action game Wanted: Dead gives us a quick tour of the world, as well as the low down on some of the characters, including our protagonists—the Zombie Unit. The trailer is narrated by Stephanie Joosten, who plays the character of Vivienne Niemantsverdriet. Check it out below.

The world of Wanted: Dead is a bleak one, with a global war having ended the concept of countries being superpowers all over the planet. Instead, the world is now run by private multinational corporations and banks, such as Dauer Synthetics, which basically runs the Hong Kong police as an arm of its own private security, and Manu Militari, which is supposed to be a rehabilitation center for convicted criminals.

The Zombie Unit features Cortez, Doc, Herzog, Vivienne, and the primary protagonist, Detective Stone. Each of the characters have their own unique quirks, which will likely come through throughout the campaign in Wanted: Dead.

A previous trailer for Wanted: Dead explained the game’s various enemies and boss fights. The game is slated to hit PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on February 14.

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Runts Cool trailer and seems like a game I could get into.

I'm really not sure I could, it's just the anti-thesis of everything I hold hope for haha


Erg the concept of this game is so depressing haha. I hate how possible it is...


certainly looks like a really cool game going by the trailer

would put it on my wishlist rn


Cool trailer and seems like a game I could get into.

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